The Shelbourne Hotel Dublin is a special renaissance hotel combines a rich blend of the old and the new. Apart from the fact that it has a long history, dating back to 1824, the hotel has contributed to some significant landmarks in the country. For example, it was here where the Irish Constitution was drafted. In the 1920s decade in Dublin, the Shelbourne was the hotel of choice for elite visitors and clientele, including artists, writers, politicians, and millionaires who favoured style, excellence and opulence.

Kingsley and Lucy Porter always stayed at the Shelbourne during their trips to Dublin. It was the perfect location for researching at the National Museum in Kildare Street, exploring the magnificent library of Trinity College in College Green and for studying the impressive art collection at the National Gallery. It was here, during afternoon tea on June 9th 1933, that Kingsley Porter wrote a letter to Dr. Ellis, eminent London psychoanalyst, thanking him for his kindness and help during the Porters’ recent, secret visit to his premises in Herne Hill. Within weeks, Kingsley Porter had disappeared, his fate unknown. Web Site>>